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Chapter 1 Questions COSC 253-500

Chapter 1 Questions COSC 253-500 - a Public Owner b Private...

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Matt Potts September 18, 2007 COSC 153-500 Chapter 1 Questions 1) What major player designs the project? a) The Owner b) The Architect-Engineer c) Prime Contractor d) Subcontractor 2) What is the residential percentage of new construction? a) 5-10% b) 20-25% c) 25-30% d) 40-45% 3) What type of project finances the construction for sale to the general public?
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Unformatted text preview: a) Public Owner b) Private Owner c) Builder-Vender d) Developer 4) The total cost of new construction in the U.S. is 900 billion dollars a) True b) False 5) Closed bidding is unusual called the “hard bid approach” a) True b) False 6) Phased construction emphasizes time vs. quality a) True b) False...
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