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Cosc 245 intro - But as far as my knowledge of where I am...

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Matthew Potts COSC 254 January 24, 2008 COSC 254 For those who don't know me, I am Matthew Potts. I am a freshmen at Texas A&M University and looking to graduate from construction science. I come from a little city called belton, Texas, where i was born and raised all my life. My dad, Rob Potts, owns a family department store that is the oldest department store in texas, while my mom, Brenda Potts, teaches physical education at a elementary school. I have two brothers who are attending Texas A&M Unversity at the moment and a sister who already graduated from Texas A&M. I have two uncles in the construction business learning from them and what they do. Also one them graduated from Texas A&M in construction science and is now working for a commercial company in Temple, TX. With a degree in Construction Science I plan to go into residential construction as a project manager or a general manager. My other plan is to go into commercial constuction working in that kind of line.
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Unformatted text preview: But as far as my knowledge of where I am going to live, thats is a mystery to me. I was thinking about mybe living in the suburbs of a larger city in Texas like Austin or Houston, so I can catch the drift of future construction around the larger cities. As for my internship, I plan to take it on during my junior or senior year, maybe going overseas to broaden my scope of architectual and construction visions. After graduating from Texas A&M i plan to find the best job that suits me and my vision and ideas. Also i might have a special lady to cosider in the outcome of my job and location, resulting in something maybe totally different then what I had planned. As I start the job I look to go through the rankings of jobs trying to make my way to the upper levels of the job. Hopefully with the money I will make in construction, I plan to retire at a considerable time in my life, being able to spend the rest of the time with my family....
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