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Comparison Essay

Comparison Essay - Jim Klepin Professor Bohn The Great...

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Jim Klepin Professor Bohn October 15, 2007 The Great Console War…Which Will Win? This holiday season many people will be debating which video game console to purchase. This decision should not be rushed into and should have a lot of thought put into it. There are currently three video game consoles that control the market: The Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. Of these three systems, which is the best for price, which has the best game selection, and which console has the best extra features. I have played all three systems quite. I am confident in my ability to give you an enlightening comparison of the three systems so you can appropriately buy the correct system this holiday season. Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of console gaming. Basically, people attach these machines to their televisions and use disks to play a game on the television. Video game consoles have moved a long way since the days of Atari and the original Nintendo. These machines produced terrible graphics. However, as video game consoles progressed, the graphics became increasingly better. Video game consoles have always had a high price tag, whether they are released in 1977 or 2007. The price of a brand new Atari gaming console in 1977 was a staggering $199, however this is a small amount opposed to the price of consoles now. Price: The Playstation 3 is the newest of the three gaming consoles. It was released on November 17, in the United States. The Playstation 3 was released in two different models,
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2 one with a 20GB hard drive and one with a 60GB hard drive. The price for the 20GB model was $499 and the 60GB model was $599. Since the release Sony has stopped making all units except for a new 80GB model which is priced at $599, the same as the 60GB. The Xbox 360 was released on November 22, 2005 in the United States. The Xbox 360
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Comparison Essay - Jim Klepin Professor Bohn The Great...

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