Module 5 assignment

Module 5 assignment - 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Student name : (words...

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1) Student name : (words 1286) 2) This is website ( ) 3) The website url is ( ) 4) This is Module 5 assignment and it correlates with Ch 10 ( contraception) 5) 1* The first interesting fact that I learned was the “baby’s” first heartbeat is within the first 21 days after conception. Since the ancient Greeks life has been associated with the heartbeat as opposed to the brain. The reason is because we noticed that a heartbeat ceases when life is taken. Therefore in the other way around we can say that life is given when a heartbeat begins. 2* The second interesting thing that I learned was that there is recorded brain activity after only 40 days. Prior to my spiritual readings of what different religions consider life and when the soul incarnates into the human body I used logic to deduce this miracle. I always believed that life was associated with brain activity and was never opposed to “pulling the plug “ when the person in question is practically a vegetable. The brain controls the body’s functions including the heart and therefore logically this is the first step in a long chain of derivative causes. Although I now believe that a “soul” incarnates into the human body (7 months) after conception this fact ringed a LOUD bell in my conscious to reconsider my belief and start to base my philosophy on hard evidence as opposed opinions derived from non experimental means that I am accustomed to. I would want to look deeper into this fact and start with plants and then move up into the animal kingdom. 3* The fact that a baby can survive out of a women’s womb after only 20 weeks was an
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Module 5 assignment - 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Student name : (words...

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