module four research paper

module four research paper - 1)Student name: (words 846) 2)

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Unformatted text preview: 1)Student name: (words 846) 2) 3)Website address/URL is 4)This is Module 4 and the website is related to Chapter 8 in the text Sexual Behaviors 5) *1- The first thing I learned that was interesting is the testing for the STD and I also learned that STI ( sexual transmitted infections) existed! I had no idea about the difference of the two. I learned that the most common ways to test are with urine samples ( I have done this) and blood samples(never done). I have been afraid to go lately because my friends said that they stuck a q-tip down their urethra! This seemed painful and I have avoided going because of this. Now I will definitely go because I did not know how common urine and blood samples were for the common diseases and HIV also. *2- Syphilis- I am an avid reader and I noticed that in the 1800s many people have died of syphilis. The most common example of the symptoms, ranging from famous chess players like Harry Pillsbury to Medical doctors have been the attribution of mental ailments. Mental illness always seems to be connected to this disease. I always wondered why but never happened to type into Google or connected to this disease....
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module four research paper - 1)Student name: (words 846) 2)

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