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New Woman Discussion Paper

New Woman Discussion Paper - I am going to discuss the new...

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I am going to discuss the new woman in the classic 4 expectations of the Victorian era and then explain how the new woman defied all these. 1) Piety- The old thought was that women had a natural spiritual side to them. They were thought to have a natural propensity towards religion. A prominent Christian thought was prevalent at the time and women were viewed as the new eve suffering for our sins through their passionate love towards their husbands and family. They were expected to show a pure passionate side to them at all times and their proper sphere was the household. In this sphere they could develop their already natural spirituality by reading religious documents. 2) Purity- A women’s purity was judged by her virginity ad appearance. They were expected to wear simple clothing that did not show too much body skin and their body language was always supposed to be that of a “lady”. Again the Christian stronghold was prevalent as a woman who lost her virginity was considered a “fallen angel”. After a women lost her virginity her emotional and legal independence was passed on from her father to her husband. A women was supposed to be at the disposal to satisfy every man’s sexual need and desire. She was deemed “weak” in every way and she was not allowed to read the same books as men. It was customary that the men and women had their separate library within the same roof. The women not only
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