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1) Student Name : ( words 354) 2) The Website is 3) The url is,,9f95qg3x,00.html 4) This website is related to chapter 11 “ conceiving” in the textbook 5) 1*The first thing I learned was that the single most important thing in trying to conceive is to know when the women is ovulating. Then you can make a calendar and ejaculate in her within 3 days prior to her ovulating . I will remember this one when I am trying to conceive. 2*Another interesting thing I learned is that sperm lasts two days after intercourse. I thought that the lifespan would be much shorter. Its amazing that these little creatures can last so long in a unfamiliar environment. 3* I love this one because I am not planning on having kids until I am 35 and I expect my wife to be around the same age.I had no idea that fetal increases with women over 30. I guess this is similar to earlier chapter when determining factors of why men are attracted to younger females-
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Unformatted text preview: because they are more reproductive. 4* Waiting four to six months after birth to start solid food is interesting. I am vegetarian and will have a vegetarian family and I am not really worried about food , rather nutrients essential to life.This makes me think I will have to take a class on this stuff because I have no idea on what to do after birth. Also why solid food in first place and not mushy fruits? 5* Feeding baby milk or breast feeding before food is another interesting technique I would have done the opposite ! 6*Introducing one food each week I can understand I was going to do this anyways because the body has to recognize the food and not take it for foreign objects and have the enzymes ready and intestines working etc. . 6) I will use the above techniques except for the solid food thing because I do not know what I am going to feed my child. Also I expect medical science to be advanced enough to only require pills by this time....
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