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Definiton Essay - 1 James Klepin Professor Bohn What Does...

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1 James Klepin 11/30/2007 Professor Bohn What Does Evolution Mean? Evolution is a heated topic of debate between religious groups and scientists. The rest of the population is stuck in the middle of the debate with unclear definitions of evolution. Creationists are providing incorrect definitions of evolution and are trying to persuade people to believe their definition, which is flawed and incorrect. Webster’s dictionary defines evolution as “a process of change in a certain direction.”(Webster’s) The direction of evolution is towards increasing complexity and order within an individual. This being the case, evolution is the process by which all living beings once came from smaller organisms and eventually became what is on Earth today. In 1842, Charles Darwin first hypothesized about evolution, using natural selection and speciation as his basis. His concept was very simple; creatures that are best adapted to their environment will be more successful in survival and reproduction. During reproduction, the traits that made the creatures best suited for survival in their environment are given to future generations, further improving the species survival. (Origin p.46) Future generations of creatures evolve into beings that are more suited for their environment, and this process continues with the changing environment. However, evolution is not a complete explanation for why creatures are exactly how they are today. There are some questions, such as, “Are humans direct descendants from
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2 apes?” that cannot be completely explained by evolution.
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Definiton Essay - 1 James Klepin Professor Bohn What Does...

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