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Kitchen Essay - James Klepin Rose Bohn A Disturbingly...

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James Klepin August 27, 2007 Rose Bohn A Disturbingly Cheerful Kitchen? This was my first ever time visiting my Aunt Susan from Idaho, and I really wasn’t expecting much in the terms of unusual. I figured all there is in Idaho are potatoes and empty land. When my family and I stepped off the plane we were greeted by my Aunt Susan, wearing a bright green feather boa and neon blue hat. This was quite a sight to see, and I noticed that many people gave her quite an inquisitive look. I still didn’t believe that there was anything unusual in Idaho but, I was soon to find out that kitchens in Idaho are anything but usual. It’s about a 20 minute drive to my Aunt’s house form the airport and everything went very peacefully. The moment we stepped out of the car however, my eyes grew large as I saw the most magnificent house I’ve ever seen. The house had to have at least 20 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms, I was in awe. I went upstairs to unpack my bags when a sudden rush of hunger came over me. I decided I would check out the kitchen and see what kinds of tasty treats my aunt has
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Kitchen Essay - James Klepin Rose Bohn A Disturbingly...

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