Rugby - Jim Klepin September 13, 2007 Professor Bohn Rugby:...

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Jim Klepin September 13, 2007 Professor Bohn Rugby: Not Just a Game Rugby is not only a sport but it is also a fun, exciting, and interesting way of life, which has taken hold of me and many others before me, and has helped sculpt and mold those who have played the sport into better people. I found the sport of rugby by sheer chance, and at first had second thoughts about playing or not. However, when I first stepped onto the pitch I fell completely in love with the game. The sport took hold of me and has never let go, and I would like to show others, who have never heard of the sport, how truly fun and character building the sport is. The match doesn’t start when the opening whistle blows, but it truly starts the first day of practice when twenty some strangers meet, become friends, and become teammates. This is when the season starts, but once that whistle blows, it’s game time. The opening kickoff is a very high kick; the receiving team stares up to the sky eagerly awaiting the ball to fall into their hands. Meanwhile, the opposing team is thinking about how hard they will hit the person who is unlucky enough to catch the kick. The ball comes into the hands of one of the forwards (usually the larger people who play in the pack) and he is hit immediately. In a second, there are a minimum of 6 people surrounding the player who was just tackled. Three people from his own team are trying to hold the opposing players off long enough to maintain possession of the ball. Meanwhile, at the same time, the opposing team is fighting with all their might to make enough room to step over the tackled player and grab the ball. Our team wins the ball in a hard fought battle, and quickly proceeds to pass the ball outside for a
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Rugby - Jim Klepin September 13, 2007 Professor Bohn Rugby:...

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