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Exam_1_Version_1_Summer_2007 - Chemistry 307 Exam I Student...

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Chemistry 307 Exam I June 11, 2007 Student Name (Print):________________________ Student Signature:__________________________ ID #:______________________ Section Number:____________ Recitation Instructor:________________________ This exam booklet contains 16 questions, 15 questions for credit and 1 to identify the color of your exam. 5 additional questions are on the separate written portion page ( look at both sides! ) of the exam. Please answer the 16 questions from this booklet on the OpScan sheet . The time provided for this exam (75 minutes) includes the time to shade in your responses onto the OpScan sheet - no additional time will be provided. Anyone found working on the exam (including shading responses on the Opscan Sheet) after time is called will be considered cheating and will be penalized appropriately. At the end of the exam, please hand in this top sheet, the written portion of the exam and your OpScan form. ON THE OPSCAN FORM: (Use a Number 2 Pencil or Darker) (1) SIGN your name across the TOP of the form (2) Code only the following information: [ blacken circles] (a) Your Name...LAST NAME FIRST [ blank space between last and first names] (b) Your RUTGERS ID NUMBER (NOT SUMMER ID) [Start under Box A and continue to Box I ] (c) Your SECTION NUMBER (Boxes K and L ) [Section 01 (for B1) or 02 (for B2), code the zero under box K ] (d) Your EXAM FORM NUMBER (Box P ) Your EXAM FORM NUMBER is: 1 See last pages of exam for periodic table and workspace.
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