Top 25 - Jim Klepin September 27, 2007 Professor Bohn The...

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Jim Klepin September 27, 2007 Professor Bohn The New NCAA Top 25 The NCAA Top 25 rankings polls only show where teams are ranked according to a number from 1-25; the polls do not show what type of team they really are. The teams each fall into a certain exclusive category. I have devised categories that will accommodate the entire Top 25 as well as express my opinions on where I believe the teams belong. The categories I will be using are as follows: Perennial Top Teams, Well-Deserved Middle Teams, Teams That Just Can’t Win the Big One, and finally Bubble Teams. These categories provide enough complexity that a team can only fit into one category and no team will ever be repeated. The Top 25 polls have long been a standard of ranking teams and deciding who the better team is. I feel that this system is flawed and does not take into account the characteristics of the team itself. By characteristics, I mean does the team perform well week in and week out, or do they get a big win one week and then a let down the next. I am hoping by writing this I will show you a different aspect to the Top 25 polls other than just a number. Perennial Top Teams: The perennial top teams are those who almost never seem to lose their place among the Top 25. These teams represent the best of the best in college football every year. The top teams seemingly never lose talent and are constantly reloading their roster with some of the best
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2 players in the country. Also included in this category are teams that have recently won the national championship and still remain strong. The first team I would like to talk about is USC. They fit into this category perfectly because they have not left the Top 25 in years now and they constantly are getting fresh talent to replace players who have graduated. Next is LSU, this is a team that is always a contender for the title, and they play in one of the toughest conferences in all of football and usually come out
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Top 25 - Jim Klepin September 27, 2007 Professor Bohn The...

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