IST 1 - 1 Jim Klepin IST 110 2/12/08 The Honda ASIMO Fifty...

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1 Jim Klepin IST 110 2/12/08 The Honda ASIMO Fifty years ago a human like machine that preformed human tasks was Science fiction, but now it is a complete reality. The history of how humans and robots got to this stage is very interesting and shows the path researchers have went to reach the stage they are at today. The Honda ASIMO, which is an acronym "Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility", is a humanoid robot that can perform tasks such as pushing carts and carrying trays, also the ASIMO can walk and run on its own. Science fiction has now become a reality in which the field and robots will keep expanding. The ASIMO started out as a project by Honda to examine the principles of two legged movement. The first projects that lead to the creation of the ASIMO was called the Experiment 0 or E0, and could only walk very slowly in a straight line. After the E0 was a success, Honda furthered its research with the E1, E2, and E3 robots(History). Each of these robots was capable of walking in a straight line, except with increased speed. The E1 could only walk at a static pace of .25 km/h but it had a visible distinction between the two legs while moving. The next model Honda produced was the E2 which could achieve a dynamic speed of up to 1.2 km/h, which came close to copying the way a human walks. The final robot in this stage of development was called the E3, and was capable of achieving a speed of 3 km/h, which is normal human walking speed(History).
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IST 1 - 1 Jim Klepin IST 110 2/12/08 The Honda ASIMO Fifty...

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