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Pchem mid1-2 - VE 12 points The vapor pressure of benzene...

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Unformatted text preview: VE. ( 12 points) The vapor pressure of benzene at various temperatures is T (K) Q (kPa) 236.7 1.00 261.6 5.00 310.0 50.00 Find the enthalpy of vaporizatiOn AH°. Vll.( 10 points) Calculate the change in chemical potential for a mole of carbon dioxide gas expanded from 1 atm to 0.1 atm at 298 K. At this temperature CO2 obeys the virial equation of state with B' = -0.010 atm-1. Vlll. ( 16 points) 0.1 mole of an ideal gas (CD = 28.2 J/K/mole) is taken from 298 K and 1 atm pressure to 398 K and 2 atm pressure. Find q, w, AU and AH for this process, being careful to specify the path followed by the process in your calculation ...
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