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2 an innitely long cylindrical wire has linear charge

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Unformatted text preview: roblem 1. 2. An "infinitely" long cylindrical wire has linear charge density . What force F does it produce on a charged rod, as shown in figure 2? The rod's total charge is Q, its length is 2a. The rod and wire are in the same plane, the rod is perpendicular to the wire and the distance from the rod's center to the wire is r. r 2a Q Figure 2: Illustration for problem 2. 1 3. Figure 3 shows a cross-section of the system consisting of a conducting sphere carrying charge Q and a conducting uncharged spherical shell. The conductors are shown as filled shapes and geometrical dimensions are indicated on the figure. What is the potential difference V between the center of the charged sphere O and point A outside the system at distance R from the center? 5. We know that two positive charges +q at distance a repel each other wi...
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