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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2326-002: Exam 1 Date: September 18, 2003 Those questions marked as Extra are not a required part of the exam. You will be given extra credit for solving them. 1. Two positive (+q) and two negative (-q) charges are located at the corners of a square of side a as displayed in figure 1. Calculate electric field E at point A at distance R from the center of the square as shown in the figure. Calculate electric potential at point A. Does this result for the potential make sense to you in terms of comparison with the result for the field? Explain. Extra: Can you evaluate how the magnitude of the field E falls off with distance at R a? Can you comment on the power law of this fall-off in comparison to that of the fields of a point charge and of a dipole? A R +q -q -q +q a Figure 1: Illustration for p...
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