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Let us bring these charges close to a grounded

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Unformatted text preview: th force F c = ke q 2 /a2 . Let us bring these charges close to a grounded conducting plane so that they are both at the same distance b from the plane. Consider the component F of the force acting on the charges now, which is parallel to the plane. How would this F change in comparison with Fc : increase, decrease or stay the same? Explain. Double extra: Can you calculate this repulsion force F using the method of images discussed in the classroom? 4. Suppose we designed an electrostatic "gun" shown in figure 4. It is a hollow electrostatically neutral tube with the arrangement of fixed charges: +2Q and two -Q, all lying in the same plane at the shown locations. The bullet is charged +q and is held at distance a from charge +2Q. Then the bullet is let go al...
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