Chapter_5_Outline - Chapter 5 Sociocultural Diversity...

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CULTURE AND ETHNICITY Culture Culture:  behavior patterns, beliefs of a group of people  Individualism vs. Collectivism Individualism values personal goals—US, Western cultures Collectivism values group goals—Eastern cultures- China, Japan, etc. Individualistic cultures have higher rates of suicide, drug abuse, crime,  divorce, child abuse, mental disorders, etc. Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Adolescents’ Time Use US adolescents have too much unstructured “free” time—negatively  impacts development Socioeconomic Status SES: categorize people based on economic, educational, and occupational  characteristics 17.8% children live below poverty line—rate is highest for children in female- headed households and for African Americans and Latinos Impoverished children have more adverse conditions/situations and less  resources, causing a negative impact on education.  They are more likely to have  young/inexperienced teachers; school facilities and supplies that are inadequate.  Teachers then to nurture, rather than expect academic progress/excellence.  It is  important to provide rigorous academics. Ethnicity Ethnicity: shared pattern of characteristics—nationality, race, religion, language,  culture Ethnic groups can be very diverse themselves Race: characterizing people by physiological characteristics—features, skin  color, etc. Ethnicity and Schools Segregation—still a reality SES- schools serving ethnic minorities also have few resources and tend  to use less qualified teachers than those serving a higher SES Prejudice, Discrimination, and Bias
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Chapter_5_Outline - Chapter 5 Sociocultural Diversity...

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