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Week 6 Canvas Picture.png - Sex Gender Sexuality Natural or...

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Unformatted text preview: Sex: Gender: Sexuality: Natural or biological differences that are Set of social arrangements and role Desire. sexual preference, sexual used to distinguish bodies into types expectations that are built around sex identity, a behavior Gender Itoles: Set: of behavioral norms assumed to accompany one‘s status as male or female 9 have changed over time e.g. ”masculinity” in 1?DOs was defined by a man who was a kind intellectual with a taste for poetry 9 gender roles are applied broadly to many things in “gender devaluatio n” of femaletyped things e.g. sports, college majors, scientific phenomena Gender is a part of SOCIAL STBA‘HFICATION: — inequality is institutionalized [often back by _ a” custom 8‘ law} New“ — inequality made to appear legitimate [justified by a? cultural logic that is widely acceptable} 6‘ .«h‘ 'which involves“ Glafi Ceiling WORK — agent of socialization — DIVISION OF LABOR _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ —’ - anlSlblE limit on women s climb up the — the primary ba5is ofinequalities in authorityI status, 8: _ occupational ladder income 9 socioeconomic status Glass Escalator — accelerated promotion of men to die top of a work organization, especially in feminized jobs Job Queues 8. Gender Queues — employers prefem'ng male to female workers for most jobs — workers also rankjobs into a "job queue" 9 the highest ranked workers monopolize the most desirable jobs e.g. women entered bands playing the bass because men did not want to play the bass; men could take on the more “flashy“ roles as lead singer, electric guitar player. etc. ...
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