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The First Federal government: W. PA against excise tax – harassed tax collectors – Washington / 15K state militia and over-awed rebellion Indian troubles – Continual encroachment led to Fallen Timbers 1794 • Recognition of Indians as entities so relationships were concerns for the Federal Gov’t. only Neutrality in wars of the French Revolution 1793 on – 1794 British ships seized US ships in French West Indies • Hamilton worried because trade but State Dept in Republican (Randolph) hands – treaty settled issue • Foreign trade only way for US to gain wealth (2
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Unformatted text preview: nd largest Merchant Marine largest Merchant Marine) Election of 1796 Adams Administration: Quasi war with France: French taking US ships French demanded loan & bribe before negotiating -XYZ affair US cut off trade, abrogated Treaty of 1778 US Navy formally created in 1798 US Navy to capture French privateers on high seas Unit 2 Lecture Two Hollinger 1301 8 Constitution Class High-tech Frigates Augmented through privateers as naval militia...
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