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Hamilton’s programs: – Initial offering $10M - $8M private @ $400 / share Gov’t revenue – Sale of public lands – 1791 Excise Tax – Distilled Spirits produced in US • Small distilleries taxed heavier than large • Violations were Fed Crime – Tariff on imports – revenue and protection • Tariffs affected sections differently Organized Opposition: (the English Model) – Taxes, banks and tariff created divisive issues along sectional / socio-economic, factional lines – “Party” is a “faction” organized to win elections
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Unformatted text preview: • Federalists create “National Network of Interest” to help supporters – Federalists had given supporters spoils of office • 1790s “Republicans” create vehicles of partisan influence – State committees, societies and meetings – not only Federal but for state and local elections • Newspapers and communications • Both pushed the line on “fair play” Unit 2 Lecture Two Hollinger 1301 7 • Increasingly tight organization and control...
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