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Daniel Balk History 21 Fast Food Nation Paper Reading the book “Fast Food Nation” has helped me understand history since the 1880’s in many ways. For example, reading about how fast food spread across our country like wildfire, made me realize that many of our businesses today spread the same way. The consumers found them convenient and enjoyed how quick they got their product. This sounds a lot like how the railroads spread across the country in the 1880’s and early 1900’s. People found that getting from one place to another faster was in essence more affordable and very reliable. Some of the founders of today’s most famous fast food restaurants realized the potential of such business and were quick to grasp the idea of mass expansion. The American people were in the mind set that the quicker the better, because time is money. And since Fast food was quick to get to you, and was very affordable. Even to the younger generation it became a large hit. Just like any other business fast food restaurants had to get your attention, and to do this they needed a great location. So immediately the busiest places in town had
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fast food joints going up on every corner. The same thing
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History Paper-Due thursday - Daniel Balk History 21 Fast...

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