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Unit 2 Lecture One Hollinger 1301 5 American Prosecution of the War: – Congress had no taxing authority – states didn’t pay their requested or requisitioned amounts – Few colonials could / would buy bonds so war financed by issuing paper money – “Continentals” - became worthless – 1775 big burst of short–lived patriotic enlistments in Militia and Continentals – By 1777 the Army was comprised of society’s dregs • Slaves / Blacks (resisted by Southerners but still represented up to 25% of Continental forces)
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Unformatted text preview: 50% of the initial officers had resigned by 1777 Jr Officers were elected or simply survivors Military forces: Militia strong in threatened areas which raised cost of occupation (Terrorists and how to deal with them) Consistent 20% desertion rate Dysentery & Small Pox epidemic 30% sick rate Army women (soldiers, followers, ancillary services) Washingtons Fabian Tactics Heroics of individuals for food, supplies and munitions...
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