H1301 Unit 1 Lecture Two class 2008 [6]

H1301 Unit 1 Lecture Two class 2008 [6] - 1624 Charter...

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Virginia Colony Chronology (2) : • 50 acres of land (1 person could farm about 20 cleared acres) • Jamestown citizens got 2 each / Each new settler got 1 for coming / 1 for paying for another’s passage • Colonial self-sufficiency sought to insulate against distance • House of Burgesses met to legislate local affairs • Rule of English “Common Law” supersedes “Company rules”
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Unformatted text preview: 1624 Charter revoked, became Royal Colony Govt appointed Governor and independent of company Attracted Protestants to Maryland as well so 1649 Act of Toleration Compete with Virginia with Head-right system Compete with Virginia with Head right system, economic and political benefits Unit 1 Lecture Two Hollinger 1301 Hybrid 6...
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