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H1301 Unit 1 Lecture Two class 2008 [5] - 1610 Gov Dale...

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Virginia Colony Chronology: Jamestown ~ 1607 to 24 • Look for gold, ( collection of lumber, tar & iron for export) – 1608 John Smith took over • Mandated work / raided Indians for food and labor – 1609 London company becomes the Virginia Company, expanded charter, territory and goals – sent first Governor • Stock for planters migrating at own expense. • Free passage for people willing to work for 7 years.
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Unformatted text preview: 1610 Gov Dale ends employees status & productivity soars 1612 Colonial salivation through cash crop -Tobacco John Rolf (husband to Pocahontas) High price / profit ~ all activities measured in terms of profit Plantations lined river to meet transport ships Unit 1 Lecture Two Hollinger 1301 Hybrid 5...
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