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Federalists to Republicans : Repression and protest: • Alien Act – provided barriers to immigrants becoming • Sedition Act gave gov’t power to prosecute those engaged in propaganda war (media) against gov’t. • Republicans saw acts as against them – newspaper convictions – Kentucky & Virginia Resolves – written by Jefferson and Madison – States can take action against Federal actions seen as Unconstitutional • If a State saw a law as against compact (contract)
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Unformatted text preview: they could nullify the law Election of 1800 Hotly contested Adams vs. Jefferson no restraint Electoral vote produced tie of 73 for Burr and Jefferson took election to House of Representatives where each state had one vote After long struggle Jefferson elected Judiciary Act of 1801 Lame Duck Federalists Reduced Supreme Court Appointed many judges Unit 2 Lecture Two Hollinger 1301 9 John Marshall Chief Justice...
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