History fools errand paper

History fools errand paper - A Fool’s Errand Essay...

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Unformatted text preview: A Fool’s Errand Essay Character Theme: White Native Southerner Attitude: Pro Black Rights Believes that blacks should have a white mans chance Loyal to the north By Daniel Balk Daniel Balk History 010 Professor Coohill Fools Errand December 19, 1869- To Dr. E. Smith Dearest Brother, My last letter to you was written while I was waiting for my eldest son to return from the town hall. That day I shall remember for the rest of my life, Jacob (eldest son) returned late that night, covered in blood. Thank the lord that it wasn’t his, instead it was from a boy that I had hired to help tend the fields. The boy had gone into town that night, to try and vote at town hall, and found that a lot of the locals still didn’t agree with that idea. After the voting had occurred Jacob and this boy were walking home, and from the bushes somewhere a shot was fired, the boy had been shot, right in the chest. I know this may sound horribly unchristian like, but I thanked god that night that it was not my son and in fact it was the boy, I would be lost to this world if anything were to ever happen to Jacob, , he is the only thing I have left since his mother died this last spring....
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History fools errand paper - A Fool’s Errand Essay...

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