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H1301 Unit 1 Lecture Two class 2008 [7] - 1640 was 16K w...

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Chesapeake Colonies: Society in early Tobacco Colonies: – Inter-related – early deaths and many remarriages – 1644 Finally crushed Indian uprising - Appalachian mountain line of settlement • Girdled forests and cleared only minimum – Back-woods (developing) v Piedmont / (developed) conflict Backcountry under-represented, few services • 1670 House of Burgesses had land qualification Population
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Unformatted text preview: 1640 was 16K w 300 slaves 1660 was 40K w 1,500 slaves 1680 was 70K w 3K slaves / 15K White bondsmen Decentralized settlements along rivers Decentralized settlements along rivers Very limited hierarchy / local & social enforcement Indentured Servants to land ownership issues Squatting to land ownership progression Unit 1 Lecture Two Hollinger 1301 Hybrid 7...
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