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15 th Century Europe: Rise of Nation States - National rivalries, based on economics, decided by warfare: – Efficient administrations – document / process based for taxation, control and trade in a money economy. Bureaucracies requiring trained, educated, and paid administrators • Military / Naval / Economic innovations demanded support of • Rising wages for increasingly specialized labor • Development of commercial / administrative “Middle Class” of consumers demanding a better standard of living • Increasing technology & production costs • Fixed amount of wealth – quest for the bigger area & portion
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Unformatted text preview: Marco Polo (1254 1324 luxurious east Continual wars over Spain after defeat of Islam in France 732 Failure of Crusades (1000 to 1300) to check Islamic growth Byzantium conquered by Islam in 1453 Muslim North Africa consolidating deeper Cog / Caravel / Galleon - with lateen and square sails Unit 1 Lecture One Hollinger 1301 Hybrid 5 Sextant / maps / stars Celestial navigation latitude from height of the sun or North Star (needed an accurate clock)...
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