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Pages of Pages of H1301 Unit 1 Lecture One class 2008 [2]

Pages of Pages of H1301 Unit 1 Lecture One class 2008 [2] -...

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America (1) : America before Columbus: Prevailing theory is migration across Bearing Strait Started 14K BC by 9K BC reached tip of South America 50M people before contact with Columbus Central Mexico: Bread basket between Nicaragua and Rio Grande ead bas et bet ee ca agua a d o G a de desert Empire based conquest using ritualistic warfare limited weapons technology High yield agriculture based / Turkey as main protein source Polytheist religions of nature using human sacrifice
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Unformatted text preview: • • – Aztecs - once nomadic warrior tribe from Northern Mexico supplanting Mayans c. 1200 AD • Elaborate, highly developed administrative, war and religious communities living off of tribute • • Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) 100K • Caribbean Islands: Unit 1– Lecture One Hollinger 1301 Hybrid 2 – limited involvement with continent and idyllic biome – limited hierarchy & social / technical development...
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