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Unit 2 Lecture One Hollinger 1301 13 The Constitution and its ratification: • The constitution divided the people’s power between States and National – “Federalism” – “Separation of Powers”– each branch to have power to check the others – each branch needed the others to operate – Checks and Balances – Electoral College & Senate control by states protect – “Sovereign Union” of “Sovereign States” with power to tax 1788 State Ratification conventions convened, but
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Unformatted text preview: a national debate took place: – Federalists – Madison / Hamilton / Jay • Federalist Papers / paper and pamphlets • Workable strong gov’t, but restrained – Anti-Federalists – Patrick Henry / Sam Adams • Increase taxes, more power to rich, weaken States • No guarantee of individual liberty – VA / NY ratify in June 1788: promised Bill of Rights • First election – 1789: – George Washington unopposed – John Adams VP – Inaugurated April 1789 in NYC...
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