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New Imperialism – II: American response • Writs of Assistance suit won by Sam Adams Stamp Act Crisis Stamp Act Crisis: – Stamp Act of 1765: – Virginia Resolves: Patrick Henry 1765 • Americans had the same rights as English • Taxed by own representatives – Stamp Act Congress of 1765 • Petitioned Parliament over representation issue • Intra-colonial boycott of all British goods coordination – Mob Action and Sons of Liberty
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Unformatted text preview: • helped enforce the boycott – Repeal & Rockingham’s Declaratory Act – 1766 • Townsend Plan 1767: – Townsend Duties ~ taxes on imports from England: Lead, paint, paper and tea as “External” taxes – Colonial reaction was this was a new threat – • New boycott in 1768 - Imports cut by 50% in NYC / 85% in Boston – North, succeeding Townsend, repealed all except tea tax Unit 1– lecture 3 Hollinger 1301 11 in 1770...
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