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The Colonial Population - II Technology: – Improvised fabrication began because of importation cost – Innovation through unique problems and cultural mixing • Married later because of Indentured Servitude and/or need for independent support • Illegitimacy was high – seen as a community problem • Pregnancy averaged every two years – Gender roles highly developed in rural communities • Domestic manufacture by women provided profit / luxury • Higher technology increased gender separation • Household materialism became women’s sphere
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Unformatted text preview: Inheritance kept family ties tight and parental control high North more family than South with longer life expectancy, more stable conditions and less open land Labor Labor: Indentured Servants were a substantial portion of population 75% of total immigrants & 25% women Slavery: Supply increased and prices dropped: 1700 only 25K slaves but by 1760 250K slaves 75% on plantations of 10 or more slaves Unit 1 lecture 3 Hollinger 1301 3 50% on >50...
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