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Pages of Pages of H1301 Unit 2 Lecture One class 2008 [9]

Pages of Pages of H1301 Unit 2 Lecture One class 2008 [9] -...

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Unit 2 Lecture One Hollinger 1301 9 State societies and governments: Women’s status evolves: A “new society” demands new Women’s roles State govt’s were republican or “from the people” State Constitutions: foundations of the Country Weak executive reflect distrust of centralized power “Separation of powers” Legislative, executive and judicial – limiting the powers of each 1780s chaos spawns State Constitutions evolving
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Unformatted text preview: toward stronger executives & easier gov’t rule • Direct election, appointment of judges & veto powers • Fixed salary – Religion and Government: • VA completely separated church and state • Colonial tradition of “Anglican Mixture” refuted • No special privileges to any denomination • Multiple establishments too unwieldy • Separation lowers taxes and lessens arguments...
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