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The Colonial Population: Eight Major groups of American Europeans Merchants, Artisans (owns his own tools), Farmers, Indentured servants, Slaves, Laborers (65% to 85% of population - full and part time), Sailors and Women – All displayed & pursued upward mobility through a culture that valued savings, strong market orientation, positive attitudes toward wealth – Stratified Society: American Population Growth: American Population Growth: – Disease, warfare were major limitations • 60% didn’t survive past 5 years of age
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Unformatted text preview: • Longer life expectancy (70) in NE, South (Malaria, etc ) – 250K in 1700 of which 20% - 25% Slave • Frontier was a rough, open, mobile life – – Continual moving to increase fortunes through squatting transition or simply aquiring new land – – Dairy products dangerous making Pork, Corn, Tomatoes & Whiskey the staples of life – • New England and Mid-Atlantic widely practiced winter & part-time work – – Profit during idle time to rounding out family income Unit 1– lecture 3 Hollinger 1301 2 –...
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