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Pages of Pages of H1301 Unit 1 Lecture Three class 2008 [10]

Pages of Pages of H1301 Unit 1 Lecture Three class 2008...

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English Actions in America: Ottawa chief “Pontiac” v English expansion in Ohio valley Helped eastern merchants by limiting migration Whites ignored line and British co ldn’t enforce it Whites ignored line and British couldn’t enforce it 1768 New line and others creeping west Organized attempt increase revenue and treat A i if it t f E l d America as if it was part of England King in Parliament supreme power Actual Representation v Virtual Representation Intellectual v Actual impact of Taxation (1% of trans. cost) 1750 – 1770 tax rate increase 250% to 5% v 30% UK Sugar / Revenue Acts of 1764 Raised the duty on sugar but lowered on Molasses &
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Unformatted text preview: Increased duties on luxuries affecting American firms • Open-ended “Writs of Assistance” for search warrants • Customs service reorganized and strengthened to fight smuggling & Vice Admiralty courts for violations – Royal Officials required to take up residence in Americas • Currency Act of 1764 ~ stop colonial administrations from printing money causing a shortage of money – • Permanent troops in American at local expense • Placed in cities rather than frontier – intimidation (?) Unit 1– lecture 3 Hollinger 1301 10...
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