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English Actions in America: • Ottawa chief “Pontiac” v English expansion in Ohio valley • Helped eastern merchants by limiting migration – Whites ignored line and British couldn’t enforce it • 1768 New line and others creeping west – Organized attempt increase revenue and treat America as if it was part of England • King in Parliament supreme power – Actual Representation v Virtual Representation • Intellectual v Actual impact of Taxation (1% of trans. cost) • 1750 – 1770 tax rate increase 250% to 5% v 30% UK – Sugar / Revenue Acts of 1764 • Raised the duty on sugar but lowered on Molasses &
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Unformatted text preview: Increased duties on luxuries affecting American firms Open-ended Writs of Assistance for search warrants Customs service reorganized and strengthened to fight smuggling & Vice Admiralty courts for violations Royal Officials required to take up residence in Americas Currency Act of 1764 ~ stop colonial administrations from printing money causing a shortage of money Permanent troops in American at local expense Placed in cities rather than frontier intimidation (?) Unit 1 lecture 3 Hollinger 1301 10...
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