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Pages of Pages of H1301 Unit 2 Lecture One class 2008 [4]

Pages of Pages of H1301 Unit 2 Lecture One class 2008 [4] -...

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Unit 2 Lecture One Hollinger 1301 4 Relative Advantages: English – Advantages: – Disadvantages: Motivation of officers & soldiers - ease of desertion Seen as foreigners by Americans whose “hearts and minds” were the objective of the war Long logistic lines and high cost of war Hurt British Business / vulnerability of maritime trade Military forces tied to coast and naval support French hatred
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Unformatted text preview: • Parliamentary politics & finance concerns • Relationship with Indians / Slaves • Lack of local leadership talent • Americans – Advantages: • • • • • Economic importance to Britain - time increases cost and decreases English profits • – Disadvantages: • Disunion except in face of enemy • Lack of economic processes w/o British involvement • Requirement for external trade...
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