9 - Great Books 9/9/08 Books 4-6 BOOK 1 Cinematic images:...

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Great Books 9/9/08 Books 4-6 BOOK 1 Cinematic images: “movie frame” Material symbols for emotional states Supplication GERAS: Greek for mead of honor, tripods/gold/women, etc. Very important Gods are not particularly powerful; achieve what they achieve by: o Persuasion o Force Plot happens on basis of choice, not will of the gods SOPHROSYNE: self-restraint; illustrated by Athena’s grabbing of Achilles, be prudent Use of recurrent patterns. Ex: Triangular pattern, energy drawn off by third party to reduce intensity. Eg. Nestor draws energy btw Ag/Ach, Zeus and Hera drawn by son o Two parallel universes – divine/human, differing by one element (mortality) o Iliad is what it means to be mortal Book 1 focused on Wrath (menus) Distinction btw story and plot o Story is events one after another King died, then queen died Proceeds chronologically o Plot introduces causation, focus, POV, and comment King died, queen died of grief Rearrange order for narrative effect Effect narrated before its cause Iliad begins in the middle of things, without giving of background (2-8 will proceed by giving background)
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Book 2 gives info about snake eating nine birds (eg); information in books 2-8 take place prior to book 1. Answer questions from book 1 o B2 Why didn’t they go home long ago? Author’s voice never intrudes; feeling in army of weariness, ex: troops race for ships Zeus sends dream to Agamemnon; persuasion rather than supernatural. For
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9 - Great Books 9/9/08 Books 4-6 BOOK 1 Cinematic images:...

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