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ECON110B Summer Session II 2007 Professor Dong Heon Kim Answer key for Problem Set #3 1. a. IS shifts right b. LM shifts right c. There are three effects. First, an increase in expected future taxes tends to reduce expected future after-tax income (for any given level of income), and therefore to reduce consumption. This effect tends to shift IS to the left. Second, the increase in future taxes (a deficit reduction program) will lead to lower real interest rates in the future. The fall in the expected future interest rate tends to shift IS to the right. Third, the fall in future real interest rates leads to an increase in investment in the medium run and an increase in output in the long run. The increase in expected future output tends to shift IS to the right. The net effect on the IS curve is ambiguous. Note that the model of the text has lump sum taxes. More generally, the tax increase may increase distortions in the economy.
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