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How does this scene utilize and dramatize populist themes? What is Kazan trying to say about the commodfication of these populist ideas and their use as a tool in mass media? In this clip they show how Lonesome Rhodes makes up a scene for Vitajex. As he takes the pills he shows how the pills would put an effect on him once it is taken. As he runs after the lady who enters the room he has this theme that it will give a person the power to have energy. Lonesome Rhodes everyman common appeal has this way that he compels people into his ideas. As lonesome Rhodes has this way of manipulating the public and making them believe that he is this good man and cares for the people. This
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Unformatted text preview: shows how someone with so much power could make someone believe that they are a good person. Lonesome turns these Vitajex pills into something much even bigger than what they really were made to be by changing the color and set a theme for them to make people believe they will give you a feel of energy. This is also a populist theme because even thought he came from jail he has made changes in the community for the people and that there is good in him. But it also shows how when some one has so much power it can get to their head and start to have this mind to control because they have the power to do so....
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