causal analsis

causal analsis - grades effect you as a person and can help...

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Brittany Bell English 15 Causal Analysis Proposal 3/20/07 1. Why was my GPA high during senior year of high school? 2. Having a high GPA senior year in high school is important because that can determine what college you get into and getting acceptable grades also can effect how you feel about yourself. When I get good grades that makes me feel smarter as a person but when they are low it lowers my self-esteem and I don’t think positive about myself. I love the way I it makes me feel when my grades are good. 3. People who want to do well in their classes may find this important because it is a good way to improve in your classes and it can be helpful for people in general who wants to improve at something because being on the right track can make a person improve on many things. this is a topic that should be took serious because having a good
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Unformatted text preview: grades effect you as a person and can help in the long run the way you go about other things with your skills and methods. 4. In my essay I will focus on causes because that is most important to getting a high GPA. Looking at my experience and what I had learned that improved the way I do my work and learn also helps now while I’m in college. Study skills Effort to push yourself to do great How to manage your time Communication with teachers or willing to go to programs offered to help you Having questions 5. There could be an argument that the reason for getting I high GPA in high school is because I studied all the time. 6. I would include different strategies you can use to get a high GPA. 7. I’m not sure about what counterarguments I could use for this topic and what sources would be best for it also....
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causal analsis - grades effect you as a person and can help...

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