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Meditation workshop

Meditation workshop - TimothySu SID:19558428...

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Timothy Su SID#: 19558428 Meditation Class – Cate School March 2008 Over Spring Break, I made a visit to the boarding school I attended for high school. My boarding school consistently offered some rather unique and alternative activities, which included yoga, meditation, and sweat lodges. I frequently participated in these meditation activities, as I found them to be good channels for my stress. When I returned to my boarding school this Spring Break, I happened to attend one of the meditation classes. The class started out with a preamble to meditation, and the ways in which it could relieve physical and mental stress. The instructor, Mr. Mochel, followed this preamble by bringing out black pillows for us to sit on while we meditated. He taught us the proper, semi cross-legged sitting position, in addition to a unique sort of “one-hand over the other hand” clasp. This was followed by a thirty-minute meditation session. During this session, the room was entirely silent, save for the collective rhythms of our inhales and exhales.
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