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Tiothy Su SID#: 19558428 PILLS 5 th General Meeting 2/18/08 Workshop: Berkeley Pre-Pharmacy Club’s Informational Session I attended what I believe was Berkeley’s fifth PILLS (Pre-Pharmacy Informational Learning and Leadership Society) general meeting, a meeting where they talked about the different careers that could be achieved through the achievement of the Pharm.D degree. I was interested in pharmacy because I felt as though the role of the modern pharmacist paralleled the role of the ancient shaman, in that they both manipulate products of nature to cure human diseases. For some reason, it had always been my fantasy from an early age to be a shaman, so thus, by desire to be a pharmacist. However, my views on what it was that a pharmacist actually did were a little skewed, and following the meeting, I realized that the shamanic-resembling career I thought pharmacy was really wasn’t true. They mainly broke down the pharmacy jobs into community pharmacists, managed care,
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Unformatted text preview: pharmaceutical research, administrative pharmacists, sports pharmacists, and drug patent lawyers. While these are certainly very respectable occupations, all that the PILLS officers talked about was how much money each profession made, how difficult each profession was, and I just felt as though the discussion of pharmacy was so industrial and manufactured, not natural nor focusing on plant-body interactions the way I had hoped. I was really looking for more alternative health-related professions to the oceans of doctors, nurses, and surgeons prevalent in our society, and for some odd reason, I thought that pharmacy would fit this category. I suppose that my general outlook towards the pharmacy career was somewhat nave, and I am ultimately glad I attended the seminar because it helped me realize that pharmacy was not a career I wanted to pursue....
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