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Chi Gong Workshop

Chi Gong Workshop - The important thing to keep in mind was...

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Tim Su SID#: 19558428 Chi Gong Class – San Francisco 4/19/08 Workshop: Chi Gong Class This weekend, my aunt took me with her to the chi gong class she goes to every other Saturday. Going into the class, I didn’t quite know what to expect, because whenever I think of chi gong and tai chi, I think of old Asian grandmas and grandpas trying to find ways to achieve more “spring to their step”, something I felt as though I already had more than enough of. As it turned out, however, I really enjoyed the class. I also felt as though the class felt a lot more authentic, as it was conducted in Mandarin Chinese. The instructor ultimately helped us achieve “chi”, or energy, through “chi gong”, certain breathing and movement correlation exercises. The class first focused on finding the right sort of breathing, which stressed a slow, rhythmic sort of breathing that started from breathing in through the nostrils and out through the mouth. The instructor told us to guide our breath to our abdomen, and let the “chi” fill up in our stomach.
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Unformatted text preview: The important thing to keep in mind was letting in the healthy “chi” to heal and revitalize our bodies while releasing the old and negative “chi” from our bodies. We really had to focus on feeling the good energy flowing into our bodies, and releasing the bad energy from our bodies. The instructor also taught us certain bodily movements—movements that helped in this acquisition of good energy and release of bad energy. The movements we practiced were very fluid yet slow at the same time. They felt complementary to the breathing patterns we were asked to perform, helping to achieve a unity between movement and breathing. There was definitely a sort of meditative quality to this experience in chi gong which was reminiscent of the other meditation classes I had attended. Chi gong was a very relaxing activity, and is definitely something I’d try again....
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