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how to play the bass guitar - Leah Bianchi Music...

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Leah Bianchi Music Appreciation Extra Credit Essay April 21, 2008 How to Play the Bass Guitar Bass guitar is one of the simpler instruments to learn to play, yet is an extremely difficult instrument to master. For a beginning player, you only have to learn to play one note at a time, unlike multiple notes with a piano or guitar player, and you only have your arms to worry about, unlike a brass or woodwind player. This paper is meant for beginning bass guitarists, with all of the instructions directed to right-handed fretted bass guitar players. For you left-handed players, just switch the hands around. Fortunately bass guitar makers make the left handed versions of the instruments in such a way that it's possible to just switch hands. I don't suggest learning to play a fretless bass guitar until you've mastered a fretted instrument, but if you insist on learning to play on a fretless instrument, all I can say is get a chromatic tuner to check your tuning for every note that you play. The first step does not involve the instrument at all. Hold your right straight out (so that it is parallel to the ground) and release all of the muscles in your hand. Now take a look at your hand and notice the position your fingers are in. Now bring your hand to a flat, hard surface keeping your forearm parallel to the ground. Place your index and middle fingers on the flat, hard surface so that only the fingertips of you index and middle fingers are on the tabletop and both fingertips are touching each other. Now, raise your index finger to a comfortable height and
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bring it back down on the table. As you bring your index finger down, raise your middle finger to a comfortable height and then bring it back down, raising your index finger when your middle finger hits the table. Make sure that when one finger is in the air, the other finger is on the table.
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how to play the bass guitar - Leah Bianchi Music...

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