Water Planet Syllabus

Water Planet Syllabus -...

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The Water Planet 2008 Course 460:204:01; 11:628:204:01 Syllabus Dr. Yair Rosenthal Loree Building, RM-022: T,TH 2:15 – 3:35 Rm. 211C IMCS, Cook College 932-6555 ext. 250 rosentha@imcs.rutgers.edu Date Day Topic Reading 22-Jan T The Earth system ch 1 24-Jan TH The planetary system ch 2 29-Jan T The sun, giver of life ch 3 31-Jan TH Plate tectonics ch 4 5-Feb T The Earth's evolving crust ch 8 7-Feb TH The properties of water 12-Feb T Water on land ch 9 14-Feb TH Groundwater 19-Feb T The world of snow and ice ch 10 21-Feb TH The world ocean I ch 11 26-Feb T The world ocean II 28-Feb TH The world ocean III 4-Mar T The Atmosphere ch 12 6-Mar TH Winds, weather and deserts ch 13 11-Mar T A planetary perspective on life ch 15 13-Mar TH Mid-term problem set due 3/25/08 18-Mar T Spring break 20-Mar TH Spring break 25-Mar T Biogeochemical cycles I ch 16 27-Mar TH History of the biosphere I ch 17 1-Apr T History of the biosphere II 3-Apr TH The Earth's changing climate I ch 14 8-Apr T The Earth's changing climate II
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Water Planet Syllabus -...

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