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Wk1 take home question - when the following ion channels...

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BIO416L Week1 Take Home Questions Review Physiology I materials (4 pts total) 1. What is membrane conductance? What is high Na+ conductance mean? (1 point) 2. What is a living cell resting membrane potential (Vm) and ion equilibrium potential (E ion )? If a living neuron membrane potential is -70 mV, and we calculated the equilibrium potential for the following ions are: Cl- (-70 mV), K+ (-90 mV), Na+ (+60 mV). How much net force to direct those ions flow through the membrane of this neuron
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Unformatted text preview: when the following ion channels are open? (2 points) 3. Draw action potential for a neuron, a skeletal muscle fiber and a myocardial contractile cell. (1 point) Neuron Muscle fiber Myocardial contractile cell Type of channel Net force Direction of ion flow Voltage gated Cl- Channel Ungated (open) K+ channel Voltage gated Na+ channel Voltage gated K+ channel-90 mV 0 mV 30 mV Time (msec) Time (msec) Time (msec) Membrane potential...
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