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Introductory Assignmen version 2003

Introductory Assignmen version 2003 - I want to be that for...

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Introductory Assignment Name: Shelby Robin (Please answer these questions and bring to class.) 1. Write a few sentences about yourself. Well, my name is Shelby and I am a Junior at UT. I love baseball, peanut butter, black and white movies, and bookstores. My dad is my best friend in the whole world. I would like to think that I am a very driven student, and this course is my priority. I am very serious about my studies and would just like to learn as much as possible to help me become a better nurse. 2. Was there some meaningful event that influenced your decision to become a nurse? Yes, when I was twelve years old I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a rare form of bone cancer called Ewings sarcoma in my heel bone, and I had to have chemotherapy followed by the amputation of the lower half of my left leg. Through all of this the nurses were my best friends and I couldn’t have gone through it without them.
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Unformatted text preview: I want to be that for another child that is in the same situation that I was in. 3. What is your view of what this course is about? Medical research in general—including the methods and processes for collecting data. 4. How do you see it relating (or not relating) to your overall career goals? Research is something that I am definitely interested in. It is a field that I could see myself getting into later in my career. 5. Where in the program are you? I am in my last semester of pre-requisites before applying to the upper division program. 6. If you are not yet in the nursing program, when do you plan to apply for the upper division? I am applying this semester (application due September 15). 7. Are you pursuing a second degree? Not yet. I might come back to school to pursue a Nurse Practitioner degree....
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