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Unformatted text preview: Discussing difficult issues with patients and parents In the course of our practice as pediatric oncology nurses, we find ourselves in situations in which we have to discuss difficult issues or events with patients and parents. Perhaps it is having to give bad news regarding disease relapse or having to discuss what one might perceive as a sensitive issue. In this issue, Reebals, Brown, and Buckner discuss nurse practice issues surrounding sperm banking in adolescent male cancer patients. More than 96% of nurses they surveyed agreed that all male patients undergoing cancer treatment with infertility as a potential side effect should be offered sperm banking. Although the authors do not specifically mention it, this may not necessarily be an easy topic to initiate with patients and families. Up until the point of cancer diagnosis, the child has been focusing on being a child and has not thought about the possibility of having problems with fertility later in life. Parents may have discussed sexuality with their the possibility of having problems with fertility later in life....
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