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Alli Sayre 26 March 2008 CSE 221 Homework 2 1. Read Unit 3 in CSE 221: Software Development Using Components - Getting Started and answer all of the Still Awake? exercises. 3-1. Television, Automobile. 3-2. The second one. Considering it isn’t necessary to know how a computer works to use it, that idea is much more likely. It shouldn’t apply to a software developer because understanding the software is that person’s job. 3-3. Reynold’s Number (Describes whether flow is laminar or not) and density = mass/volume. 3-4. It makes the values we come up with more consistent and easy to understand. 3-5. 1, 2, 3. 3-6. Because it can only be one or the other. 2. Read the document The CSE Environment - Getting Started
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Unformatted text preview: located in the SCE Homepage. 1. What is your user name? (If your instructor has not yet told you your userid, just leave a blank for your answer.) asayre 2. What is your initial password ? “Your default password is the last four digits of your SSN, followed by your first and last initials, followed by an exclamation point ('!')” 3. What command will you execute first, immediately after logging in and changing your password, in order to set up your "environment"? Changing your password. 4. As soon as you have a userid, go to a CSE lab and do the steps described in "The CSE Environment - Getting Started". Ok....
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